Holistic Quality Assurance in an Agile Context


A nearly failing technical transformation project motivated the change of the development method from a waterfall approach to an agile with Scrum. In the sequel the congstar quality assurance team developed from a classical test team at the end of the development life cycle into being fully integrated into the agile Scrum teams, improving quality and efficiency.

The next step was to overcome the downstream handover to the operations team by applying tools and methods from DevOps. The teams became end -to-end responsible for their work, from the technical design to the behaviour of the software in production. A zero bug policy was especially helpful for achieving the next level of quality and stability-

In order to achieve a really holistic approach to quality assurance, the next step was to make the teams also responsiblefor the outcome of their efforts. That meant stop just coding and start delivering value. Now the focus is on effectivity, in order not to only to build the things right, but to build the right things.