So I am an agile test manager now … but what does that mean?

Mitch Rauth | 29.10.2013 | Agile Testing Days 2013 | Potsdam, Germany


As more and more projects are moving from traditional development approaches to agile methodologies, „test managers“ are promoted to „agile test managers“.   

This leads to a lot of uncertainty as there is no such role in approaches like Scrum.

I look at the different definitions of „test manager“, ranging from somebody managing tests to one who manages testers, and how these roles could be mapped in single and multiple agile team setups.   

Focusing on the experience I made as QA manager at congstar I describe my path form a classical command and control mode of line management to the more agile approach of managing the environment and the organisation as a system.

I give examples where I learned the hard way by epic failures and talk about successful approaches in helping the Scrum teams to become more efficient.   

With an extension of the concept of the „three amigos“ to the managerial level, I was able to help congstar to become more agile also in processes beyond the implementation.