Wag the dog!

The implementation of agile development in IT and how the agile way of working spread through the whole company at congstar

Mitch Rauth | 18.01.2019 | Agile Blueprint Expert Call | Online

In 2010 the congstar IT started to switch from traditional waterfall to agile development with Scrum as an answer to a massiv project crisis.

There was a steep learning curve until an efficient and effective agile development model was in place and many lessons were learnt.

Being a high performance organisation and not the traditional bottleneck in the company, IT started to drive its interface partners into more agile ways of working.
The successes were so convincing, that finally the whole company started to change.

The call will focus on the successful switch from waterfall to Scrum and the company wide goverenance models, based on Kanban for portfolio management and an agile strategy map, that allow business development in a much more agile way than in the past.